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From the Bakery
Homemade Jumbo Muffins


Fresh Pastries


Corn, Blueberry Crumb, Banana Nut, Honey Oat Bran, French Toast, Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon Streusel, Apple Cinnamon, Cranberry Nut, Morning Glory, Chocolate Cheesecake, LowFat Blueberry

Cinnamon Rolls, Croissants, Danishes, Pound Cake ( Choice of plain, marble, chocolate, banana, carrot or lemon ), Apple turnovers, Crumbcake ( Choice of plain, chocolate, raspberry or apple caramel)

The Basics

Roll or Bagel w/ Butter


English Muffin w/ Butter


Roll or Bagel w/ Cream Cheese


Roll or Bagel w/ Flavored Cream Cheese

Vegetable or Scallion Available


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Side Orders

Home Fries

Sm. $1.95 - Lg. $2.75

Side of Bacon


Fresh Fruit


Toast w/ Butter


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Breakfast Beverages

We carry a large assortment of gourmet beverages to compliment our delicious breakfast including:


Fresh brewed Regular and Decaf Coffees

An assortment of fine flavored and herbal teas

Hot Chocolate

Cappucino and French Vanilla Cappucino

Iced Tea ( Sweetened and Unsweetened)

Iced Cappucino

Iced Coffee

Pink Lemonade & Fruit Punch

and a large assortment of Fruit and Vegetable Juices

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