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Daily Menu

Soups of the Day

Chicken Noodle


Italian Wedding

Sm (12 oz) $2.99  -  LG (16 oz) $3.49

Wrap of the Week 

-Cobb Wrap-

Smoked Turkey Breast, Bacon, leaf lettuce, tomato, bleu cheese, dressing

Only $6.99

Hot Entrees Today

-Chicken Parmigiana


-Macaroni & Cheese

-Steak or Chicken


-Chicken Marsala w/ Rice 

-Cali Club Chicken Sandwich

Hot side dishes available daily please call for selection and pricing

Salads of the Day

Cucumber & Tomato     $3.49 (1/2 lb.)

Fresh Fruit Salad           $3.99 (1/2 lb.)Tortellini Salad       $3.49(1/2 lb)         

Buffalo Chicken Pasta    $3.99 (1/2 lb.)



Burger of the Day

-El Paso Burger-

6 oz. Black Angus Burger with  cheddar crispy fried onions, BBQ Sauce 

Only $4.99 / Deluxe $6.99

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