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Crudite Platter

Sm $29.95 - Lg $49.95

Fresh cut vegetables garnished and beautifully arranged, served with our ranch dip, roasted red pepper dip, or spinach dip.

Cheese Platter

Sm $34.95 - Lg $49.95

An assortment of gourmet cheeses, served with sliced pepperoni, seedless grapes, and gourmet crackers beautifully arranged on a platter.

Anitpasto Platter

Sm $34.95 - Lg $49.95

An assortment of italian meats, provolone, fresh mozzarella, grilled vegetables, olives, pepperoncini, and roasted red peppers tossed with our homemade balsamic vinaigrette.

Shrimp Platter

-mkt. price-

peeled and deveined shrimp, beautifully arranged on a platter with our spicy cocktail sauce and lemons.

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Buffalo Chicken Wings

Half $39.99 - Full $79.99

Fried chicken wings tossed in our Buffalo wing sauce served wtih celery and bleu cheese. (hot, mild, and sesame teriyaki available.)

Pigs in a Blanket

Half $39.99 - Full $79.99

Boars Head Franks wrapped in pastry dough and served with a spicy deli mustard.

Chicken Tenders

Half $39.99 - Full $79.99

Crispy chicken tenders served with choice of dipping sauces.

Stuffed Mushrooms

Half $39.99 - Full $79.99

Medium sized mushroom caps stuffed with sausage, and sundried tomatoes, topped with mozzarella cheese.

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Mini Crabcakes

Half $44.99 - Full $89.99

Homemade mini crabcakes served with our specialty creole remoulade sauce.

Swedish Meatballs

Half $39.99 - Full $79.99

Homemade mini meatballs served in our own savory sauce.

Creative Assortment Platter

Half $39.99 - Full $79.99

A delicious assortment of pigs in a blanket, potato puffs, and spanikopatos.

Baked Clams

Half $39.99 - Full $79.99

Our scrumptuous homemade clam stuffing served on the half-shell.

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